• Ecdysis Harmonics opens April 19th at the Micro Gallery

    Press Release
    Metro Micro Gallery
    3409 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA 22201
    On the corner of Kansas Street and Wilson Blvd.

    Metro Micro Gallery presents:
    Ecdysis Harmonics
    a site-specific installation by
    Dawn Whitmore

    pay it forward curator
    Austin Shull

    April 14, 2018 - May 17, 2018
    Viewable 24/7

    Meet the Artist Event:
    Thursday April 19, 2018
    7pm – 9pm

    Ecdysis Harmonics examines the relationship between symbol and meaning using the
    icon of the snake - a creature both feared and admired throughout mythology and
    religion. A snake sheds regularly throughout it’s life, a process known as ecdysis,
    continuously leaving behind a physical marker of it’s past state of existence. 

    “I am interested in the metaphorical concept of shedding within the emotional and
    psychic realms, and curious to question how these experiences choose to manifest as
    physical markers. Throughout the ages sacred spaces and music have been sought to
    draw one into the depths and mysteries of the interior worlds. In this work I am providing
    the personal physical markers using photographs, sound, thread and
    crystal quartz, to weave together a space that forms a personal yet public vessel to be
    explored and excavated.” - Dawn Whitmore

    Working across media Dawn Whitmore’s site-specific installation integrates
    photography, sculpture, video and sound to deconstruct archetypal symbols and their
    associated meanings. Creating an immersive environment, Whitmore invites the viewer
    to engage in a shared psychological space, a fantasy landscape of crystals, gold leaf,
    shadows and refractions.

  • The Initiation - PREMIERING Saturday November 18th at 4pm Georgetown Waterfront Park


    The Initiation is a sculptural/choral/performance piece that is the first of a long-term four part production. Four singers will perform a 12 minute work that combines voice and glockenspiel keys to delve into a mythical narrative inspired by the underworld. The music will be integrated into a life sized hut-like sculpture comprised of hand-built wooden ladders, positioned on the labyrinth at the Georgetown Waterfront Park (see map below for exact location). 

    The audience is invited to move around the structure and singers during the performance to experience the shifting tonal shapes.

    Story and sculpture are by Dawn Whitmore, with the music by Stephen Gorbos. Performed by Deborah SternbergRachel Evangeline BarhamAllison Clendaniel, and Shauna Kreidler Michels. This project has been generously funded by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

    WHERE: Georgetown Waterfront Park in Northwest Washington, DC. The performance will be held at the labyrinth along the river at the bottom of 33rd St NW. Please see map below. 

    TIME: 4pm invitation with performance to start promptly at 4:30pm

    COST: free/no ticket needed


  • Interview out in Of Note Magazine

    I'm very grateful to the amazing Grace Aneiza and Of Note magazine for including an interview about my project Gun Love. The issue is all about women and gun violence. Check it out here.

  • My new show Slow Shift is now up at the Centerfold Artist Studio January 29th - February 28th

    Closing Reception: February 28
    Centerfold Artist Studio
    703 Edgewood Street NE #2
    Washington, DC 20017

    Throughout history snakes have been used by all cultures and religions as varying representations - in many beliefs they are regarded as powerful symbols of rebirth, wisdom and growth. Using videos, sculptures and images of snakes, Whitmore will examine the act of transformation in both the physical and intellectual realm.