• 'Myself is the Same as Yourself' Montgomery College Takoma Park, MD Jan 21 - Feb 28, 2020

    A personal journey through the deep forest is a common metaphor found across cultures and religions. Children’s stories and ancient myths are often anchored by a protagonist finding their way through enchanting woods loaded with magic and mystery - a journey commonly peppered with unexpected twists and turns. These journeys act as opportunities for self-reflection, transformation, and growth.

    Myself is the Same as Yourself is an exhibition that uses video, sound, sculpture, painting, and photography to explore the construct of identity as viewed through an internal, self-reflective prism. Within this lens, each symbolic angle portrays a slightly different variation of the whole. Using elements of self-portraiture, including form, voice, and personal history, connections are made between different internal structures.

    Video of the artist in conversation with herself highlights different parts of the psyche as it navigates the dark forest of the interior. Reoccurring objects, such as trees, ladders, snakes, and oranges, act as symbols along the journey of discovery. These symbols appear as both 2-D painted representations and actual objects throughout the the exhibit, drawing attention to the dissonance between real and unreal.

    A 3-channel sound piece blends the artist’s voice and field recordings collected in a forested nature preserve. Drawing on sound as a point of departure, the viewer is invited to sit and experience the auditory journey, surrounded by sculpture and painting.

    WHERE: Montgomery College, Cafritz Foundation Arts Building - Open Gallery

    WHEN: Jan 21 - Feb 28, 2020